The sanctuary is funded entirely by private donations, so contributions (including in-kind donations such as building materials and equipment) are always welcome!


Your gift helps provide the huge amounts of feed it takes to keep the elephants happy and healthy. A grown elephant eats over two hundred pounds of fodder, and drinks about 50 gallons of water every day – the elephants get a daily bath and routine medical care. All of this costs a lot of money! Your gift will help provide the best care that each elephant needs and deserves.


You can support the elephants by making a donation of

$15 - buys high quality grass hay for one elephant for one day

$50 - provides a one-month long warm heat embrace in winter or cooling mist fans in summer for the elephants

$100 - ensures the elephants receive good foot care with appropriate tools

$500 - feeds one elephant for one month with high quality grass hay and nutritious supplements

$1,000 - supports veterinary care for one elephant for a year and includes routine health check, vaccinations, and any needed medicines


Please click the link below to donate.

The elephants really need your attention and support!


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